Lead Unity Developer

  • 10+ years of professional experience in the game industry.
  • Participation from start to finish in development of the 5+ games released on the market.
  • Experience with making multiplayer games.
  • Experience in development of client games for PC, iOS, Android.
  • Excellent knowledge of fundamental algorithms and frequently used algorithms for games: AI, game physics, collisions, animations and others.
  • Excellent knowledge of all aspects of the Unity engine. Experience with the Unreal Engine.
  • Knowledge of network protocols and data types. Working with sockets. Knowledge Protobuf serialization.
  • Excellent knowledge of all aspects of the Photon server engine (more 1000 concurrent users).
  • Experience with multithreading. Actor Model, CSP or other concurrent programming model (C# tasks, go routines, Erlang).
  • Experience use and develop relational database (MS SQL, Postgresql).
  • Strong programming skills in C++ and C#, working experience with both.
  • Knowledge and use of standard libraries, algorithms and types (STL, Linq, Reflections, etc).
  • Excellent knowledge of 3D-graphics and GPU-technology, including shaders (HLSL, Unity Shader Lab), experience with DirectX or OpenGL, understanding GPU architecture..
  • Experience with devices of virtual reality (Oculus, Gear VR).
  • Debugging/optimization skills (Vtune, NVIDIA PerfHUD, etc).
  • Solid English communication and writing skills.

3D artist

  • Hard surface modeling experience.
  • Strong working knowledge of 3DS Max and Photoshop.
  • An eye for detail while maintaining efficient model making.
  • Creating PBR textures in Substance Painter.
  • Excellent sense of form, mass and volume.
  • Collaborate with other artists and team.
  • Angličtina – aktivní
  • Experience using ZBrush or Mudbox for organic shapes.
  • Experience with Unity3d.
  • Experience with JIRA, Confluence.